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10 ways to save Money, SOL MUNKI STYLE!

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Ok considering that we as a country our experiencing economical problems, the good folks at  SOL MUNKI have devised a blueprint that can guarantee you a brighter future.

1. When you go out to the club think more economical, catch a cab and get wasted before you get to the club  $8 drinks can add up quickly.

2. Hit on girls with more than one drink 🙂 they can get drunk faster.. and u can too.

3. Stay out of strip clubs. Period… Let Rick Ross and Jeezy make it rain and pay their college tuition.

4. Next time your girl ask for a Gucci bag, pick up a brown bag and a sharpie and right GUCCI big as christmas all over the bag.

5. Start buying more Sol munki tees;  the more the merrier, when someone asks why you have it on say ‘F you im killing it while saving my ass off’ then proceed to give swag tips, i.e your tall tee is entirely too tall

6. Trade in your diamond chain for a  SOL MUNKI WOOD MEDALLION. (please see below)

7.  Don’t buy any new dishes and cups, take lil’ waynes advise and pick up a styrofoam cup.

8. Stay away from fountains. Period  What the hell has a fountain ever granted You!!!!

9.  Save money on your water bill, GO PISS OUTSIDE!!!

10.  Fill your gas tank up with Kool Aid, if it kept the hood moving for 30 years, surely it can keep your car moving for a week.


Money in the Bank…. Oh really

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Ok, I went shopping friday for my friend thats a Girl,
I think I was listening to T.I earlier;
Well anyways I’m strolling through the mall singing “You can have whatever you like”.
So after leaving tiffany’s, nordstroms, Tumi, and Gucci, I’m feeling like (fu$k a recession) but obviously she’s happy!!!

So on Monday I get a call from tiffanys, nordstroms, and Gucci, stating that my BANK just bounced. DAMN WACHOVIA!! LOL

So lets say your Scott Storch just for shits and giggles.

You make all of this money producing half way descent tracks, and your the New Liberace, so being you are the new liberace, you go out and get a bugatti, a sunseeker yacht, lamborghini’s, ferrari’s, phantom’s, and all that uneccessary shit. Then you file bankruptcy…
DO YOU THINK THE U.S. GOV’t would cut you a check for $700,000,000,000

I don’t think they would,

So if the U.S. wants to help the economy, give all 138 million taxpayers $500,000 and that will stimulate the economy rather than issuing the cash to these Moronic Banks.

Updated Joc & Gucci Mane video pics…

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Just got some more pics from the Gucci Mane, young Joc video
check it out, Gucci killin’ the streets right now Pay UP yall!!

(Heres some coverage)

Jockin’ My Fresh

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Big shots to my dude Wade b, doing his thing, Wade came aboard with Sol Munki about 4 months ago as an intern and has a great sense of the fashion and music industry. Check for his mixtapes droppin’ the 23rd of ea month.
this kid has talent, swag, and chics.

Same title diffrent ..huh?

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  I was asked a couple of days ago to party with some quite peculiar people… not peculiar in a ‘oh thats a pretty intresting shade of blue’ but peculiar in a ‘oh you drag yourself through this in hopes of what?’ 

Someone tried to talk louder than a whisper on my thoughts on that.. so what I have to say to YOU is…



We got this on ice..

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Something so succle…

(Set for January Release)

Swag tip of the day.. .

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