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Check out

youll see CJ rocking the Sinister’s tee, if you dont know about CJ, check him out at



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It’s 8:27 am, and I am standing in line right now, they say its about a 2hr wait,  “Obama better win” well thats what I’m thinking to myself.  I swear its like 40 degrees, and this lady keeps on talking about saturday night live’s rendition of barack obama, sarah palin, and Bill Clinton. I’m thinking to myself, FREEZING my ass off, lady please be quiet, stop drinking your starbucks because your hyper as hell, and i’m cold as hell and its very early.

I was very impress with the turnout, people from all walks of life are out to vote. I really can’t wait till tuesday, it kind of feels like christmas.

Check out my pic below, the lady in front of me  thought i was a terrorist

this dude said, “I’m 72 and I just hope I live another day, so why would I vote for someone that has to thnk like I do”

I told him I was leaning towards McCain, he looked at me like I was crazy, SIKE


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Oh boy :)

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Note: This website is not a replica of any other hypebeasting store & or website;

If you want another store selling all the same brands; feel free and go to any blog & hit up that square;
but if you don’t want to know what happens next.. KEEP IT HERE!!
If you want to really know what your money is going to; or really know why it is what it is.. take one thought and look outside & see what you really see


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Sbi Lani interview; with Dane and Jace!!

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Curtis – Yo lani whats good?

  • Lani- just trying to keep sol munki alive ya feel me… i want this shit to be nation wide ya feel me.. see.. we shittin on dudes close up but fu&%ing with them the long way..

Curtis- How is success?

  • Lani- success is never enough… cause i want it all… dudes is in fucking shops… so called celebrities and aint doing shit,.. phone aint ringing.. business aint moving and they blaming the recession.. but sol munki says FUCK A RECESSION.

Curtis- Hows that tag body spray?

  • Lani- son.. tag is alright as long as dude is paying me to wear IT… but son tag is wack..

Curtis- What is your vision for SBi?

  • Lani- SBi… is what you say no limit.. because we limitless… and we explain what we say when we say SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS… nelson, curtis, wade, dave, tyler dain, JACE, lion, shay, steve-o, zach, wallstreet, mr.melvin, curse, thoughts, mike, nikolai, ruben, dj…. THATS ENOUGH SBi!

Curtis- Whos the best rapper alive?


TYLER- its only one right answer!

  • Lani- i gotta give it to WADEB, TYLER DAIN, AND CURSE

and then lani walks out…


now steps in TYLER DAIN.

Curtis- Yo tyler its been a while.. how you doing?

  • Ty- man you know me im just chilling in the first degree…. chilling with my dude jace DeVito… its good to back in the A

Curtis- When we dropping some new music..

  • Ty- im ready 24/7 everyday of the week ask shay boogie when hes ready..

Curtis- So can we get a mixtape from Tyler Dain anytime soon?

  • Ty- Man… if i had it my way… i would have a mixtape out every month

Curtis- How do you feel about the buzz wade and SBi has been getting?

  • Ty- excellent.. i wish my brothers the best of luck and i look to forward to working with them TOMORROW.

Curtis- How do you feel to be getting ready to shit on the hiphop game.

  • Ty- its a interestin feeling knowing your the best at something and getting no recognition for it.. but what i know whats coming to me (the world and everything in it) – scarface.

Curtis- Some say your the best up and coming white rappers.. how do you feel about that?

  • Ty- I wouldnt know. I dont see in color.