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The future is here!

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(colors: red,navy,purple)
If you read that. .what are you waiting for?



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SOLMUNKI: Let’s start this off with your self introduction.

YOUNG L: Sh*t… not much too it, Young L, The Pack

SOLMUNKI: Where are you from?

YOUNG L: Berkeley California

SOLMUNKI: Your cousin was riding for vans around the time yall released your first big hit… Where did the concept for “Got my vans on” come from? Were you expecting it to take off the way it did?

YOUNG L: Not at all haha it was funny how it did, but yea we just were being random, i mean we wore vans but we thought it would be dope to make a song about it

SOLMUNKI: What 4 people have been the biggest inspirations in your life and why?

YOUNG L: Mom, cuz she raised me and is an accomplished woman, My two friends Amer and Brandon, and My 3 younger brothers… haha i guess thats more than four, whatever

SOLMUNKI: Who is the leader of THE PACK?

YOUNG L: We all are pretty much equal, but when it comes to holding the group together i would take a humble step forward to say I try to keep sh*t cool

SOLMUNKI: Who’s currently managing you?

YOUNG L: Crush management

SOLMUNKI: How did you first hear of Sol Munki?

YOUNG L: A long while back maybe a few years

SOLMUNKI: Do you have plans on going solo?

YOUNG L: Not Plans… but i think i have potential as a solo artist

SOLMUNKI: What genre would you place your music in? and why?

YOUNG L: Hip Hop/Trance/Experimental Singing… i say this because i rap (hip hop) my music is futuristic and can put u in a trance (trance) and because i have recently acquired a singing habit haha

SOLMUNKI: What projects do you have coming up within the next couple months?


SOLMUNKI: I’ve heard talk of members of THE PACK working with Sol Munki’s own Curtis Williams… Can you shed some light?

YOUNG L: I mean we have a cool relationship with the people who run sol munki and design it. thats really what it is.

SOLMUNKI: Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

YOUNG L: Being an all around success in the industry… i hope haha

SOLMUNKI: What attracts you to Sol Munki?

YOUNG L: Its dope man… just real original… clean cut, its my kinda shit

SOLMUNKI: What are your last words for this interview?

YOUNG L: hit up the myspace at myspace. com/thepackmyspace. com/youngl and search me and the pack on itunes i just released a 24 track mixtape on itunes,,, thanks for ur time

SOLMUNKI: Thanks for the interview! We wish you the best.

YOUNG L: fasho. stay up brother.

AFTER THE INTERVIEW: Check out YOUNG L’s current single “M.O.S.S.” chopped n screwed by DJ SHAY BOOGIE @ it’s gettin alot of love so keep it going.

STUNNAMAN ,a fellow PACK member, ripped two tracks produced by S.B.I. representative and Sol Munki homie CURTIS WILLIAMS! Listen to these tracks here:


Message to the SOLMUNKI.COM readers: The power is in your hands! Who would you like to see me interview next? Drop a comment on this post with the name of the SOL MUNKI FAN, RECORDING ARTIST, or POLITICIAN that you want to hear from.

You also have the opportunity to conduct the interview yourself!!!!

Come up with 20 well thought out questions and send them to SHAY.SOLMUNKI@GMAIL.COM with the name of the person you would like to interview, and I will do my best to get your questions to that person and up on the site!

Much love yall!


Hunter aka piccle interview#

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L:So I look around the internet pretty extensively so Im up on my web information on 130 as well as in the streets..from what I see your prettymuch the truth. How long have you been collecting?

Piccle: About 3 years

L: Whats your favorite Solmunki tee shirt?

Piccle: I can’t pick one..I’ve got too many to choose from

L: What would you like us to come out with in the future?(its probably being done right now)

Piccle: Anything really..just make sure it’s somethin fresh and I’ll b sure to get it.

L:How long did you shop at the old store?

Piccle: Since late ’06 til the day it closed

L: How old are you whats your name ?

Piccle: I’m 15 almost 16, my name’s Hunter AKA Piccle

L: Any shout outs..?

Piccle: Yea..shout outs to everyone in RTC, MMC, PSM and of course the WHOOOOLE Sol Munki fam! 130 Cone Cuhz!

L: Thanks for the get some free gear you don’t have. for being such a good supporter. Remember stay positive and always true!

Piccle: No problem….good lookin out

130 pt.2… someone is getting to that. it will likely be me

A visual of 130 pt.1

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part 2 coming soon.. with story contd:

Random solmunki image

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Thats what I have today ..
I like this one alot,
really plays off the tee lol :]

Take yo pimp slap cuz.!

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I can’t get this to post.. but,

you should click here and see how Terry Kennedy took
Bow wow and put him on complete open insult season.


shout out to both those guys.