SM tyler.dain freedom interview


sol.munki interviews tyler.dain;

SM: what was the first artist to really inspire you?

dain: well, if we’re talkin’ in general, i gotta take ya bak to 7th grade, when my home gurl Rachel brought in Nirvana’s greatest hits, and it waz the first time i herd smells like teen spirit. that waz the first time i herd musik that ment something to me. kurt waz so angry in alot of his work, an i think it waz that emotion that made the connection.

SM: how do you feel about the current state of hip-hop in general?

dain: honestly i feel hip-hops potential is at a greater advantage now then ever before. its not dead. the mainstream got attached to some not so positive looks, but you know with up an commin’ artist like asher, gotti, plus with our always entertaining assumed ambassador of hip-hop, lil wayne, shit aint gonna get worse for the game.

SM: how do you feel about many assumed hip-hop artist starting to sing?

dain: hahah, well idk, i guess it roots back to why are they. like i didn’t see alot of *(*& out there doin that till kanye ‘n wayne started that with the whole auto toon thing. some times it works, but often it dont. i think its safe to say that if the musik iz real, theres always gonna be an audience for it.

SM: can we expect any auto tooning on your up ‘n commin’ mixtape?

dain: hahah, honestly i dont wanna get any attention or get mixed up with the gimmick that much, but i might dabble ona hook or two haha, but u’ll have to wait ‘n see.

SM: speeking of your mixtape, what can listeners look to expect on that?

dain: straight up, some real &(**. its gonna be a great look into my potential. i really wanna put something out there that gets the kid of attention i want it to.

SM: what kind of attention would that be?

dain: like what i think hip-hop was, wat it iz now, where i think it should be, an how i feel it should be done.

SM: ellaborate.

dain: hahahh, ok without givin’ away too much, i want people to look past whatever i look like, or whatever it iz i might be doing that they ain’t really feelin’, an tryin’ get to know me through my musik. its like with skating, forget watever the fool looks like, tryin look past that at what it iz he’s doin’ on the board.

SM: you skate?

dain: heck yeahhh!! i luv skateboarding, long before i ever wrote a rap, skating waz there for me.

SM: can we expect any Kick, Push commin our way?

dain: hahahah az much az i luv skateboarding, i dont wanna use that to gain say so in hip-hop, ya feel me? its like i dont want people to look at me and say, “cool, another lupe,” or “wtf this kid thinks he’s pharrell!” or watever other dumb ish i know they’re gonna throw at me.

SM: who’s they?

dain: they? they’re everywhere, they gotta million names, the media, the government, the cops, rappers, whoever. i’m talkin bout the haters. there’s always gonna be that group of people who hear some ish and believe it, who decide to take someone else’s word juhs cuz they know them. i’m not rappin like the average MC, im tryin to talk about relevant ish, things anyone in america could relate to.

SM: damn. seems like you put some thought into it.

dain: duh. hip-hops my life, i mean its fun, but if you want people to take you seriously, you gotta step up an do it first. i’m lucky enough to have the right influences at the right time to help me stay on track.

SM: do you feel that there are hip-hop artists out there not taken it seriously?

dain: wat? i mean iz that even a serious question. watch a hip-hop video today an tell me wat car u see in there your driving. i mean, show me that party, where everyones rich, we all got money, and infinite amounts of the dankest herb, costly alcoholic beverages, and perfect women. i mean holy ish, where iz that place?! i thought thugs mansion waz in the after life?

SM: lol, well when can we expect to see u on the up come? got a release date for your mixtape?

dain: release date? i don’t even gotta damn name yet, much less a place to do some steady recording. but i am moving to atlanta ..(SOON)to get things poppin.

SM: oh yeah? in may? so would it be safe to assume there will finally be some new material out there by then?

dain: heck yeahh!! i got everything writtin down, its all ready to go, i juhs gotta get in the booth n make ish happen!

SM: word, any shout outs?

dain: 130* ruthless all day, subsect army n the rest of the 515, bakerskateboards, emerica, white lightin’ the south side hommiez, n my boy DRAMA MAFIA!!!!

SM:Random question time! Do you have any pets?
my mom does, she’s got two dogs. besides that im way too busy to keep up with a pet.

SM:Favorite comfort food?
anything mama makes, haha but, if i had to choose one i’d say her fried pork chops, yerrp, some good eats right there hahaha

SM:Do you read blogs? Do u have a MySpace?

if they interest me. i keep up with the berrics if that counts? and illroots. thats about it tho.

SM:Would you ever try your hand at acting someday? What types of roles would you like to play?

hell yeah, i luv that stuff. i waz in drama all through out middle n hi skool, i luved the stage. az far az roles? somethin with character, maybe some funny ones, but mainly serious, deep roles. the interesting kind, the kind that make u think.

SM:Favorite book?
where the wild things roam.

SM: Do you enjoy church?
yeahh, i skate eveday! in the booth 9-5, shit, az far az im concerned i never stop goin’.

SM: If you could inspire any age across the united states.. how old would they be?
well i dont think age iz anything but a number, i’ve been across the states, and i learned anyone within ten years of me iz pretty eazy to relate too. the youth iz always eazy, but its the older more stubborn haterz that tend to mess things up. they assume juhs cuz we’re young, we caint get it. f that.

SM: if u havnt already, make sure to add tyler.
dain’s myspace at

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