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‘Yo you!’ Patric Lai-Fang

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SM: hey how are you?
*Whats your name and your background? lets start with that

PL : My nickname is Perfekt, but my real name is Patrick Lai-Fang. I live in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I go to college in Ohio at the College of Wooster and I rep 130 everyday of my life. I am a different individual, who is full of energy and excitement about life. I consider myself multi-ethnic because my mother is Jamaican, Scottish, Panamanian, Barbadian and my father is Trinidadian, Chinese, Welsh, and whole bunch of other stuff.

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Mind vitamins with Sol Munki

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Re-up and beyond

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If you haven’t heard through the loop by now. Were out of retail for a bit. Were currently involved in too many things that just aren’t about the store. One place is definately not what Sol Munki was or ever has been. .So I hope you caught the Re-up experience while you could! (as of 1/30/10) the goods are still very available however were on to the next one.. see us there!

Interview : Lion x Atlanta Dolls

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Sol Munki Interview with Lion from The Atlanta Dolls on Vimeo.

Its 1/30!

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If your really up with Sol Munki there’s no reason you shouldn’t know how much history is on today! Today is 1/30.. and for the Sol Munki movement that is huge.
130 was not just a gathering place for Sol Munki, but an actual stepping stone in the movement we call life. The energy behind Sol Munki is not just the clothes or the colors, but the determination and the additude that each person that represents 130 embodies. That is a strong message .
We hope to hear from you all and your thoughts and opinions about what’s to come so feel free to speak your mind to us on any of our pages (facebook,myspace,twitter)
After the jump check out this video if you have never seen it. ‘What is a Sol Munki?’

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Yo you! (Solmunki interviews you)

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Alexis Owens

SM: *Can you please give people a run-down about yourself? Who are you? How old are you? What is Nikki’Moto?

– Well my real name is Alexus, family and close friends call me Alex. Nikki’moto, however, is my alias if you want to call it that. Seeing as though i want to be associated with a lot of things in the industry and arts, i figured i’d have a name. Nikki’moto actually comes from one of my favorite asian restaurants, and i love everything Japanese. I actually just found out I have Japanese in my family tree, How cool huh? lol. But I’ll be 18 on february 2nd, which is Tuesday! I’m just an all around arts person. I love film, photography, fashion, drawing, music. I’m pretty versatile about a lot of things. I’m also a big believer in astrology, I’m a true Aquarius.

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Who you need to know already: CoColakim

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