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A new chapter

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A new chapter has begun…


Emotions of the Sol

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What’s uppper, quick preview of the ladies. War Sucks tee, shots out to my model slash dinner date… Well actually my play sis. Lol. Enjoy


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Make this a part of your lifestyle, your motivation, your quest for physical treasures, but first insure that you can achieve this. All you have to do is conceive, believe, and you will achieve.

Let’s get it Sol Munki Universe

My peoples

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Whatup, first and foremost I would like to say whatup to some real dudes in the A, whatup AP clothing aka black market. The team consist of Shei, Jamal, Ant and a few others. They do the majority of printing of everyone who is doing a tee line or entertainment promos in Atlanta. They have been grinding for a minute, I can recall asking them back in 07, “yo J, should I ship to these stores, J said, Hell yea get that money” lol. But anyways shots out to them as well as check for the new lines dropping, we got something up our sleeves. Yeaaaaaaaa

Sol Munki Spring Flannel

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Just got the sample in for the spring flannels that are dropping in a few weeks, these are 55% cotton 45% polyester. The sleeves can be rolled up and has eppeleps on the sleeves, so u can get versatile. Has the stitched SM logo below, added for stunt value. This wooven will be dropping in purple, red, and turquoise only 60 pieces total, and the price will be $38
Holla if u have any q’s

Infamous Munki Bones

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Just stopped by the distribution, and heard that we still have a few sizes in the mens munki bones, sizes S, M and a few larges in the tees below. It’s spring time aka Sol Munki Tee Time, spring hoodies dropping this week for Easter, yep. And were takin it back to the traditional Sol Munki colors. Yeaaaaaaaa
Tees $20. And until Friday free shipping

Peace and Blessings

Why life is like a kabob

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Such a topic right, why yes… Life is really like a kabob, you eat one piece at a time till it’s finished, all while enjoying it.