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Hold It Down

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Let the games begin…

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Our 3rd Annual “Black Friday” affair was a HUGE success. All the planning and promoting worked out in our favor. Again, thanks to the coordinators of the GSU fashion show. Thanks to Lion, Shay, and DJ Ready. And most importantly: thanks to EVERYONE who came out and supported us Munkis!!! We really do appreciate it. From the TOP of our hearts. Why do they say “bottom”? lol. Shouts to Pazi for coming through to take photos. If you didn’t make it, I know you’re kicking yourself in the head. $10 Sol Munki Tees? When other boutiques sell them for $50?! Tisk tisk tisk. Don’t sleep next year! This is a warning: ’09 is going to be CRAZY for Sol Munki. Stay tuned folks…


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A Tale of a Munki in.Bangladesh

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SOme of you havent seen me in a while, reason being I am working my ass off, lol but really heres a few pics of some of the places thats been welcoming Mr.Munki. Thanks LION & SHAY
Peace to my dude Razib, I went to visit him in bangladesh and also a few factories, oh yea check out the pics.. razib is building a taj mahal in his front yard… check out the pics. Thanks for all the people that have been supporting me on this voyage.

Bangladesh was ..Great!1

Bangladesh mall on steroids

My Homeboys crib… Crazy right

Building a Taj mahal Jr in his front yard

Ok…I’m tired as crap, headed back to Dubai..doing this for a Munki name SOL… Go figure i’m working for a Munki


At the factory, i cant wait till 2009, were going to have some ill stuff, YEEEE, like my pops told me GREATNESS TAKES TIME and its definitely a CHALLENGE. But hey aren’t Challenges suppose to be Fun”

me, at the factory

5 reasons to be thankful on thanksgiving day!

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Happy Thanksgiving!! We have so much to be thankful about, actually we have sooooo much to be thankful about and not necessarily speaking pilgrims and turkeys. This year has been a trying year for alot of americans as well as alot of American companies, but through it all lets still be most gracious to the most high. We are survivors, we survive recessions, credit crunch, foreclosures, and even war. U SEE THATS WHAT WE DO

So i have devised 5 reasons why we should be thankful and happy, even if your thousands a miles away from your family in the middle east on thanksgiving.

1. WE ARE ALIVE and Breathing (RIP to all of the victims in Mumbai, India)
2. OBAMA WON THE ELECTION!!!! (in every country I have been in within the last 2 weeks, everytime they see my passport they yell out OBAMA)
3. Lets be thankful that George Bush has only 55 days remaining in the office.
4. Lets be thankful for friends and family, they are our backbone, at times when your down and don’t know what the hell your doing, count on your friends and family.
5. Be thankful that you have the freedom of will to BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE, AND YES EVEN THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.

*Im actually spending my thanksgiving in Dubai, no turkey and dressing (BOOO) maybe I will have some lamb and a beer. (some one fed ex me a plate)


More Fashion

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Here are some nicer photos courtesy of .

Thanks homie!


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you ..

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i remember back in the day when ty and I used to mess around .. . 😉vs-line-modeling-123yes this is all I have to say .. .

I hope your here on the 28th!

Sol Munki visits Tiki Tattoo

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So this guy named Josh is a long time friend of Lion’s. Now he has his own booth at a place called Tiki Tattoos. You know what I’m thinking…That’s right ladies and gentlemen…DISCOUNT TATTOOS. I mean I love the prices I’ve paid for in the past but you can’t beat a shop minimum of $40. To make a long story short…I present to you TIKI TATTOO.

Thanks for the love Ms. Beth 😉


Tiki Tattoo:

2195 B Pace Street

Covington, GA 30014


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