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Ok… Wheres the Groundhog

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Whatsup my Good People, they say life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, love and hate, nightmares and dreams… But at the end of the day, who are the people that are always in your corner? Just like that boxer who’s out in the ring getting the crap beaten out of him, (kind of like how life does) until that person in your corner yells, where not going to take this anymore… As those words spark something in your mental, you realize life is great, life is fun, I don’t have to wear all black, life is colorful, life is what I perceive it to be… This week keep your energy positive and form a habit of positive energy. Don’t bargain with life, demand more.. Pursue your dreams… First person sends me a paragraph on what they want from life, their goals and there dreams will receive a free T-shirt.
Don’t be afraid to look up to the Sky.


David Paris – Powerslide trickery

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Skater David Paris

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David Paris for Sol Munki

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sol munki wheels

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The wheels team is anything with action.. and I love all of the Solmunki wheels from BMX to skateboarding.
We have the best one because people are always making a program like another program. Everytime I see Solmunki skateboarding or Solmunki skaters its special because they got off the program along time ago.. and if you ask them something you will be very suprised because there all suprising people to be along for this level of elevated skills.

I got a new David Paris video and I love it
check it out: yessss


(david is also on for 210)