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New Ish!!!

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So I got my first camera EVER this Christmas. Yeaaaa I know. It’s not professional but it’s a step up from 3.0MP on my Tilt. One of my many brothers (DJ READY) hit me on the Tilt saying “Dude, I won first place playing Texas Hold em (poker), and I got free bowling tickets.” So the random person I am said let’s get it. Oh and I also placed 5th in the poker tournament (out of 60 odd people) following the bowling extravaganza! 😉

More pics: click the link below


More Pics


I need a BIG favor…

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So my song is on Atlanta’s #1 radio station (HOT 107.9)

What I need from YOU is to request dat thang EVERYDAY!!! lol.

Call 404 741-1079 RIGHT NOW to request “Shoe Fetish”

Add it to your myspace profiles:

Add the video below to your blogs etc. etc.






Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas from the Sol Munki Family!!!


How thankful?!?

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Before I run off to enjoy the festive air & good companys of those i share; I would like to propose the thought of being thankful.

You can be thankful many different ways.. through your additude, through your speech, through your direct actions on your community, even through just letting the opportunities of taking advantage of your fellow man pass.
It was on my mind this morning as I had a blast with my homies. . similar to when we were younger & were thankful as anything for all the small jewels scattered through our path.

So heres what right now im praising high;

1. Spirit(god) good spiritual energy’s reflecting off truth and good deeds(karma)
2. Family (the team)  your strongest team could be family.. but not just necessarily.. the team is people who hold you down; keep you grounded keep your dreams molded and stick there .. theres all different levels of support, but you cant forget the team.. its the part of you that can help you when you least expect it!
3. The community; I love the community I love the kids & I love those out there repping for us & me and whoever in the right lights ..and just doing things (call em as you see em) helpin out! Being real ..etc; Some days I just wanna say f*ck the public.. but then I come into contact with some of yall who are still reppin hard and doing your thing for all the real males/females out here..who know what that means
4. Obama winning the election;  this is actually kind of prioritzed high on here for me for no particular reason.. I just think the whole hope/change speel is great for people right now (everybody looking for faith from somewhere) and its great.. to not have another haywire or chaotic situation; & its also a reliever to just move things Obama. That was a good look!
5. Haters; wow.. I cant thank you enough .. showing the qualities that you don’t possess and flaunting the ones that you do(big dummy) its oh so enjoyable beating you in the head year after year.. and watching you try to mimic the situation later. this could lead me to a number 6 would be copycats. .but that would be just wrong lol 🙂
6. World wide web; to an extent.. its great. some people still use it to educate themselves; & not subscribe to just crazes.
7. This food im about to eat.. amen!

Case of the Mondays

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This one is for all my “nine-to-fivers”.  STAY STRONG. If  you don’t know about this move, do your research. Classic.


Just had to post this…

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I was at my friends estate, and ran across this ELLE magazine from India published back in 2000, and I was so mesmorized by this beautiful lady that I had to share it with my good friends of SOL MUNKI.
Also peep more of the pics from bangladesh round 2, I can say it was both an enlightening and educational experience, not to mention A POWER MOVE!
(this is, in no way affiliated with SOL MUNKI this is solely the thoughts and actions of Wall St, lol)

The picture with me sitting in the traditional wear, was a traditional wedding, my friend got married, congratulations!! Also notice all the people behind my Big head watching me drink the coconut, they thought I was a crickett player from South Africa.

SM 4 Life


130 has his blessing…

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constant elevate-ing

While on my second trip in bangladesh in the last 3 weeks, I met the high buddhist priest Dr. Dharmaverio, he is also an adviser for the United Nations. We spoke for a while in english and bangoli (via my friend who played the Bangoli translator). He assured many blessings upon SOL MUNKI and all our endeavors, and said that Sol Munki’s energy comes from peace within.
Now thats what you call…