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Back in LA

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Aight… I’m seriously considering moving the brand to the West… Let’s see what happens


A new chapter

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A new chapter has begun…

Emotions of the Sol

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What’s uppper, quick preview of the ladies. War Sucks tee, shots out to my model slash dinner date… Well actually my play sis. Lol. Enjoy

Kid Cudi…Pursuit of Happiness (thats what we want right)

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NY-Z Jay-Z & Absolut Vodka Documentary

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Check out the Jay-Z Absolut Collab video, this is the next level in branding… The video actually premiered on Absolut Vodka;s Facebook.

Check out the New Jay-Z X Absolut Collaboration Documentary

TBWA, New York
Executive Producer:
Mark Figliulo
Executive Producer:
Matt Bijarchi
Executive Producer:
Ian Crystal
Lindha Narvaez
Creative Director:
Hoj Jomehri
Creative Director:
Thiago Zanato
Danny Clinch
Director of Photography:
Vance Burberry
Paul Greenhouse
Agency Producer:
Julia Menassa
Executive in Charge of Production:
Hugo Murray
Music Supervisor:
Susan Schwartz
Music Supervisor:
Platinum Rye
Production Company:
Milkt Films
Chief Creative Officer:
Mark Figliulo
Agency Executive Producer:
Matt Bijarchi
Agency Creative Director:
Thiago Zanato
Agency Creative Director:
Hoj Jomehri
Management Supervisor:
Hugo Murray
Planning Director:
Sarah Watson
Executive Digital Director:
Devrin Carlson-Smith


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Make this a part of your lifestyle, your motivation, your quest for physical treasures, but first insure that you can achieve this. All you have to do is conceive, believe, and you will achieve.

Let’s get it Sol Munki Universe

My peoples

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Whatup, first and foremost I would like to say whatup to some real dudes in the A, whatup AP clothing aka black market. The team consist of Shei, Jamal, Ant and a few others. They do the majority of printing of everyone who is doing a tee line or entertainment promos in Atlanta. They have been grinding for a minute, I can recall asking them back in 07, “yo J, should I ship to these stores, J said, Hell yea get that money” lol. But anyways shots out to them as well as check for the new lines dropping, we got something up our sleeves. Yeaaaaaaaa